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With purchasing one of our designs you choose to be part of the FAIR SLOW FASHION-Movement. We do what we do with pride and love and want you to feel the same.

We have always been committed to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. Our partner in Slovakia is a small manufacturer and provides three workplaces in the rural area.
Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter worldwide. According to the Global Fashion Agenda, a recent Pulse Of The Fashion Industry report stated that fashion creates 4% of the Earth’s waste each year - 92 million tons of it- which is frightening to say the least. Much of this ends up on the cutting room floor, pieces of material that are remnants from the production process itself. As a solely “small batch production” business, we have this constantly in mind when we consider our materials as well as scalability.
By supporting a small brand like ours, you are saying 'yes' to small batch manufacturing, attention to detail, making to order, no stockpiling, no over-runs, no cheap labour, and no land-fill, and for that, we thank you. We’re happy to offer the production of single pieces in custom colors and a custom fit - therefor - we’re never really sold out and you can get your dress just the way you want it.
We do not throw away our samples - we either sell them at a fraction of the cost at one of our sample sales, or donate them to charity.
However, we can always do better. And we really try.

Your online order will be packed solely in recycled paper. We ask you to recycle or reuse it again.
We won’t print your invoice or information regarding returns deliberately. Please have a look at our policies or contact us for any additional information at


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